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World Famous Frying Batters

Anyone can create a batter, but it takes time and effort to create the perfect frying batter with a fantastic flavor. Below you will find the secret to our success as customers all clamor for our batter recipe once they sink their teeth into our fried goods.

Batter for sweet items

Special birthday parties, scouts get together, family gathering or just get out the ole fryer and impress your friends…. I gave my Goddaughter a 5th birthday party and made the mistake of putting on the 5 little girls invitations instead of birthday cake we were having fried Oreos…. We had 46 people show up…. Parents, siblings and anyone who heard about it… so be careful how you advertise…

Oreo & Sweets Batter



18 oz. container of dry batter to fry your favorite sweets.

Price: $8.00 ea

Batter for Pickles and Veggies

Fry your favorite veggie. Some of our favorites are asparagus, green beans, squash, green tomatoes, mushrooms, okra and of course PICKLES. Have fun!

Fried Pickle & Vegetable Batter



18oz. container of dry batter to fry your favorite veggies.

Price: $8.00 ea


Fried What Souvenir Cup

Fried What Souvenir Cup


Be the first among your friends to have an original Fried What! Souvenir cup. Plus check out our calendar and bring it to any future event for $2.00 refills forever.

Price: $6.00 each