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  Norm, Barb, & Oops

How It All Began

Fried What! has been in operation since 2002. It started when I  was ready to retire after working with teenagers for fifteen years and construction for twenty. Barb has been in and out of teaching & other misc. occupations.

We are both vegetarians & frequent a restaurant in the area. The owner decided she wanted to sell vegetarian food at festivals and I volunteered.

We quickly learned people go to fairs and festivals to let it all go. They want fried & sweet not vegetarian & healthy. We fell on our bottom halves. One day, I was home watching Good Morning America and Dianne Sawyer was on talking about fried Twinkies. Light bulbs exploded in my head and basically the rest is history.

We began with the Twinkie. Now have a full line of items and are always trying new ones. Our greatest two inventions have been the fried chocolate dipped fried Twinkie and the fried s'mores (not the candy bar).

Where Did The Name Come From

During year one we were known as the "Twinkie Ladies" by fellow venders and customers who were hooked to the food...or was it the entertainment that kept them coming back? As time passed we decided this was really something we enjoyed, but if we wanted to continue we needed a name for our establishment, otherwise referred to as a tent. 

As we're driving one day I looked at Barb and said, "Fried What!" and her response was a resounding, "Huh!", and I said, "Fried What! That has to be our name. It hit me as we are were prepping and getting ready to open. I could hear people walking by saying, "Fried What!?"

With the batters we have created you can truly fry anything in your own home. Let us know how they work for you and hope to see you at an upcoming event.